ChamsCity, a business unit in Chams Plc has been the pioneer at deploying innovative and lasting technological solutions in Nigeria for close to thirty years. ChamsCity places Nigeria on the World’s technology map, and has secured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest digital mall in the world! Our solutions have been refined into a robust service package called Business process outsourcing services (BPO).

Chams BPO Solutions is driven by the vision;

“To be the preferred provider of Technology Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing services in our chosen markets in the area of CBT, Trainings and contact center services.”

“To help our clients maximize their customer lifetime value and increase their competitive advantage by helping drive productivity and efficiency while delivering measurable results”

BPO provides cutting edge solutions to various needs required by organizations ranging from recruitment, trainings, help desks, call centers, research, Marketing campaigns etc. Needs of which maybe of distraction to companies.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has a future which is linked to numerous dimensions of organizations passionate about gaining competitive advantage over their competitors. The rapid competitiveness in the global economy nowadays, as a result of dynamic business innovations are responsible for multinational corporate bodies, at international level, transferring some of their non-core and core business process to external providers.

BPO leverages processes that drives efficiencies in business in terms of organizational excellence, responsiveness, branding, financial, efficiency and customer relationship. The most prominent business process that is being outsourced today is Call Centers. For instance, call Centers and Help Desks of many multi-national companies globally are being outsourced to low waged, English speaking countries such as Philippines and India.

There are three main solutions being sold under Business Process outsourcing consisting of;

  • Computer-based/E- testing Platform
  • Trainings and Lease of space for trainings
  • Call Centre/Contact Centre service


Chams Computer Based Testing (CBT) platform leverages on technological advancement for large screening and assessment purposes for organizations, institutions etc. It ensures candidates authenticity, in an amiable and conducive setting. CBT also provides convenience, ease of schedule, prompt report and scoring.

It meets the needs of a large number of the market segment cutting across; Schools, Human resourcing Firms, Consulting firms, Recruitment agencies and every other multinational company or federal institution with a potential to recruit en-mass.

Leveraging on our highly secure biometric application, we guarantee authenticity, confidentiality and exceptional testing services. This is in line with the realization that there is a need to establish an enhanced and bias-free shortlisting/examination process that will offer you nothing short of the integrity that you will like to be known for.


Chams state of the art training facility and training gadgets enhances and influences training process and learning attitude. Our training propositions caters all clients’ requests ranging from training with systems and trainings without systems.


This solution is required to handle large business calls on behalf of the organizations, agencies and Parastatals, whilst they concentrate on the core areas of the business. Our Call Center solutions is geared towards attaining what is now known as competitive differentiator for clients in customer service delivery expectations, real time personalized support. Our solution has robust functionality and advanced software features


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