The Chams E-Citizen Solution (CECS) is a secure platform for gathering and storing records and details of enrollees through automatic association of same identities, hence, tracking trust related transactions.

The Solution establishes a unique identity for all applicants after a careful, secure and complex process of enrolment and authentication, with issuance of multi-application identity cards and integration of biometric database to various facets of governance administrative management. The database can be accessed remotely to verify identities offline or online, when needed.

Solution Suites

  • State Residency Enrollment Solution

    The Chams state residency solution offers states a unique biometric database of all individuals resident in the state.  The solution provides an authentic database infrastructure for planning, provision of social services and other modern e-Government services in the State.

  • Smart ID (Credit/Debit Card, Access Control)

    The Chams e-Citizen solution delivers a unique identity for all indigenes and residents after a careful, secure process of enrollment, verification and authentication, with issuance of multi-application identity cards and integration of biometric database to our payroll and human resource management solution. The biometric database created can be accessed remotely to verify identities offline or online when needed.

  • Payroll Automation

    Cost savings from elimination of ghost workers.

    Our e-Payroll Manager is multi-tiered web enabled application that provides for private and public entities, the ability to manage their payroll processes with a non-invasive minimal effort on the part of the clients with Multiple levels of reporting details of all payments and deductions available online and easily accessible by the client.

  • Staff Audit and Verification

    The CHAMS verification solution would enable government to easily verify state beneficiaries, – for grants, pensions, bursary, subsidies, etc., for fraud prevention, ghost worker elimination etc.

    Using our verification solution, traditional resource leakage points can be completely eliminated and the speed and quality of several governance processes can be greatly improved in areas like pensions, social welfare, industry and education.

  • WASTE PAY – Automation of Waste Management.

    The Chams Waste pay solution provides the government with an automated means of managing waste collection and payments. This solution in turn delivers for the citizens, a cleaner and safer environment, eliminates impersonation and fraud, while creating more jobs for the citizens. Automated payments give the government exact details on properties for improved government operations.The solution will allow the following benefits to accrue to the state/citizens among others:

  • State Contact Center / Citizen Support Center

    The State Contact and Citizen Support Centre will serve as an enquiry, information gathering and Government service delivery unit for the citizens, thereby closing the gap between the Government and the led.

  • The Marriage Registry

    The Marriage Registry is an online, real-time, robust & flexible marriage registration & Verification portal. It was developed to address the manual processes of marriage registration that usually results in untimely revenue collection & reporting, marriage certificate forgery and lack of a centralized database for verification.

  • Chams Collect

    ChamsCollect is an integrated Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) collection system that can be integrated with other state Citizens Management Systems.One of its key features is a Central Invoicing and Central reporting framework based on unique identification. Other features such as Online/Self Assessment), Real Time Reconciliation, Verification, Notices, Back Audit,  etc. are included.

    With Individual Account for every Residents, Government will be able to predict its IGR more accurately.


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