The Managing Director, ChamsAccess Limited, Mrs. Funke Alomo-Oluwa, has harped on the need for increased advocacy with regards to Information Technology in Nigeria, noting that the country could remain backwards if the sector is neglected. Alomo-Oluwa made this known at the reception in honour of the newly inaugurated National President of the National Computer Society (NCS), Professor Sola Aderounmu, recently in Lagos.

Alomo-Oluwa who was the guest speaker and presented a paper entitled; “Nigeria Computer Society: The need for IT advocacy in Nigeria” said despite the growing presence, adoption, and influence of technology in the country, various factors still mitigate against the holistic development and advancement of the sector, a scenario which she declared is not helpful for the nation’s technological development and economic expansion.

According to her, “The development of Information Technology in Nigeria is hindered as a result of problems such as corruption and nepotism, poor procurement policies, and little or no IT governance. These issues negates the progress recorded and could further diminish them if not checked.”

Alomo-Oluwa who identified a host of predicaments such as data mining by foreign countries, lack of knowledge and skill transfer, loss of national/military security intelligence to foreign forces, massive economic loss in international trade, lack of standardization, and low contribution of IT towards the nation’s GDP, as consequences of maintaining the status quo on ICT urged the relevant government regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders to massively devise strategies aimed at encouraging the development of the sector in the country.

Alomo-Oluwa who noted that the use of IT can help bring about the needed accountability and transparency in public expenditures as craved for by the present government advised them not to repeat the mistake of past administration who sparsely patronised Nigerian IT firms for major capital projects.

In addition, she implored the NCS to ensure they promote the importance and membership of the society, engage in the continuous education of its members and young people through periodic seminars and workshops, push for the review and update of ICT laws in Nigeria, and help campaign for funding of start-ups in the IT sector.

On his part, the new president of NCS, Professor Sola Aderounmu said the leadership Nigerian Computer Society will remain committed to its goals and statutes which include uplifting the standards of the profession, safeguarding the interest of our members, By doing so, NCS will find its  tasks easier, relations improved, and achievements and contributions to the growth and development of Nigeria enhanced.

The event brought together various professionals in the IT sector and other sectors of the economy as they felicitated with the new NCS President on his inauguration.