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Chams Launches ConfirmMe To Curb Identity Theft and Credential Falsification

Chams Plc, Nigeria’s leading identity management firm, has announced to the public the go-live of ConfirmMe, a secure and robust platform for online real time verification of identity, Credit status, Academic qualifications and credentials, saving time and money while ensuring best possible accuracy. ConfirmMe is a unified platform which aggregates data from certified institutional sources [...]

Chams Announces the Closure of the Guinness World Record Certified Digital Mall, ChamsCity, retools for Business Process Outsourcing

Chams Plc, recently announced the closure of the last of 4 ChamsCities set up across the countries, due to lack of use of its digital citizen registration and mass enrollments infrastructure. Other business process outsourcing services offered at the digital mall that includes contact centre services, computer based testing, pre-qualification employee tests and staff training, [...]