Chams IGRHub (Internally Generated Revenue Hub) Solution is designed to assist enumeration and calculation of revenue due for the authorities. Chams offers partnership service with the government, at all 3 levels, Local, State and even Federal government in the administration and management of IGR related services. This service avails these institutions the platform for correctness in tax allocation, inclusion of all persons of taxable age across formal and informal sector; automated collections and remittances, multiple revenue sources for the state. It will also interface payment platforms to ensure collection

Challenges facing the government

  • Lack of verifiable data on tax payers especially the informal sector: who they are, what they do and economic activity.
  • Inefficient collection machinery
  • Massive tax evasion by the informal and organized private sector
  • Challenges of mobilizing citizens and enforcement by authorities.
  • Poor technology support
  • Lack of information for monitoring, supervising and sanctioning
  • Uncoordinated and different electronic platforms in the state
  • Poor infrastructure: Power, Connectivity, Banking


  • Rapid improvement in IGR Collection
  • A tax management application that automates income assessment, receipt issuance and all tax/levy processes
  • Harmonization of all IGR related database
  • Improve collections from Leakages; Properties, Direct assessment, Markets and other areas of IGR Collection.
  • Engage in massive mobilization of citizens with a view to obtaining buy in and collaborative support for the development agenda.


  • Eliminate Revenue Leakages
  • Increased IGR collection
  • Rich Tax Database.
  • Improved Service Delivery with end-to-end e-payment and automation of all collections.
  • Availability of verifiable data for Planning
  • Heightened Economic Activity
  • Better Living Standards

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