As an Africa-focused provider of intelligent business solutions, Chams Plc has continued to grow its business through strategic partnerships and the introduction of innovative products and services that are tailored to the Nigerian and African markets.

The company has focused on its ability to understand the uniqueness of customers and create bespoke customer-centric solutions that optimize business processes, particularly in the identity verification space.
The company has further segmented its identity verification solutions in order to meet the specific requirements of its broad customer base. Customers using their various identity services include individuals, SMEs, Corporations and Government, amongst others, from simply wanting to confirm the identity of an employee, to bulk verifications.
The company prides itself in providing customized identity services, particularly for organizations, where updating, or validating the identity of individual’s information against the organization’s customer database, is key to maintaining data quality, validity and integrity.

According to recent figures released by Nigeria Interbank Settlement Systems (NIBSS), more than 40 million Nigerians now have a Bank Verification Number (BVN). Both NIBSS and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have a major focus on increasing this number rapidly to aide financial inclusion for all Nigerians. To compliment these initiatives, Chams has put in place an optimized platform for easier identity verification.
Through the new platform, customers gain access to a wide range of digital identity verification services, all through a single platform. This platform is linked to recognized data sources such as the Bank Verification Number (BVN), Credit Bureaus and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and Driver’s Licenses, amongst others.
The Group Managing Director, Chams Plc, Gavin Young, stated that: “ An example of an innovative identity verification solution we provide to State Governments, which has made a major difference in improving the lives of State Pensioners, is our pensioner verification app, whereby pensioners can verify themselves through taking a selfie, which we match against other facial records of the pensioner, including the State pension’s database. Once verified, the pensioner is good to receive pension payments for another defined period. Prior to the app being introduced, pensioners were required to travel from their rural locations to a bank branch in order to verify themselves through fingerprint biometrics. This was often a long, costly and laborious exercise for the pensioner. Now, they can perform the verification exercise through using either their own phone or another smartphone, from any location. This is just one way we at Chams are applying simple identity technology to specific customer needs and improving lives.

“We are excited with this innovation as it applies across many industries where verifying the identity of individuals is required. In addition to the basic verification technology, we customize the solution for our customers by linking to their own database as part of the verification process.
“This solution is extremely flexible in that it could either be offered via our app, a specific customized app, or though the customer’s own app as an add-on”

He added that: “We also provide a unique API service for large customers which require to perform Bulk verifications. Customers simply register on ConfirmMe, and, after account confirmation, APIs are provided. Customers then commence transacting after funding their prepaid wallet account on our platform. Resulting from the various Central Bank payment licenses Chams holds, many of our customers prefer to work with us as a trusted source of data aggregation. Data protection and compliance with Data protection regulations is key to us at Chams.”

“In addition to our identity verification solutions, we are working closely with NIBSS in support of their efforts to substantially increase the number of citizens with BVN. The BVN is also used to obtain a National Identity Number (NIN). Therefore, by providing the agent infrastructure for increased BVN enrollments, it also has a direct bearing on increasing National Identification Number (NIN) for citizens.
“it is far easier to enroll for BVN than NIN, primarily as there are many more locations that offer BVN enrolment compared to NIN. In addition, BVN provides access to financial inclusion with the double benefit of also receiving a NIN”, Young said.


Chams PLC is a leading provider of innovative and intelligent business solutions in Nigeria with over 34 years’ experience in providing cutting-edge technology solutions. Chams has built robust, secure and adaptable customer-centric platforms that drives identity management, payment and verification for both public and private sector initiatives and businesses.