ConfirmMe is a unified platform for identity, credit and credential confirmation provided by Chams PLC. The platform offers the solution to the challenge of the lack of a reliable, secure and real time means of verifying identities, credentials, and other identity related data by end users.

ConfirmMe® is Nigeria’s first and only online and real time identity/credential validation platform. It is a robust platform with multiple streams of data provided by owner organisations i.e. Academic Institutions, Credit Registry, Federal/State Marriage Council, Financial Institution regulator etc. It is designed to allow institutions, individuals, organisations etc., verify the identity and credentials of individuals ranging from academic qualifications, professional qualifications, marital status, credit history, births, death status etc. in a timely, safe, secure and cost effective manner. ConfirmMe connects several databases to ONE central hub for easy, convenient and secure access to confirm authenticity of information based on users’ requirement.

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So, what would you like to confirm?

Credit Status Check?

ConfirmMe offers users easy and convenient access to credit status information. Partnering with the CR Services (Credit Bureau) Plc, the authorized financial credit bureau in Nigeria, ConfirmMe allows users to easily access their credit reports and credit scores and also do third party checks.

Academic and Professional Qualification Confirmation?

ConfirmMe is a robust platform that allows for easy confirmation of tertiary institution degree and professional bodies qualification. ConfirmMe connects directly to owner institutions and professional bodies database to allow users easy access to verify academic and professional qualification credentials. ConfirmMe partners leading higher institutions of learning and professional associations in Nigeria to automate their database and provide a secure gateway to authentic academic qualification data.

Bank Verification Number?

The Bank Verification Number project of the Central Bank of Nigeria holds the biometric data of all account holders in the financial industry in Nigeria. For ease of identity verification, ConfirmMe provides a secure platform for verifying identities using the BVN database. Chams has partnered with the Nigeria Interbank Settlement systems to provide the BVN data online and real time to authorized 3rd party users for identity authentication and verification.

There’s also other bits of information you can confirm

ConfirmMe connects to other various information sources – States residents Data, Marriage Registry, insurance data, births and deaths record, Federal Road safety Corp etc., to provide a secure gateway to authorized users for convenient and quick access to data.


User Profile on Confirm Me

Not registered? You can use this service!

One time user profile on ConfirmMe allows for non-registered users to access some limited verifications services on the portal. It is fast, yet secure, convenient and cost effective for user. No registration required to gain access to the services on the instant ConfirmMe services.


Guess what? You can also confirm yourself!

Individual users on ConfirmMe have access to self-check services ranging from degree qualification, track and check personal credit records, verify identity ad credentials for self and third parties, etc. Individual users can use ConfirmMe as a self-identity confirmation platform for third parties to verify their identity.


Corporate organisations are not left out

Corporate users on ConfirmMe save a lot in time and resources by utilizing the platform to verify identities, credential of clients, employees, vendors, partners, etc. ConfirmMe enables organisations avoid the risk of accepting individuals with fake or altered academic records and credentials thereby making timely and well-informed hiring decisions. Findings have shown that as many as 25% of job applicants misrepresent educational attainment in their applications. ConfirmMe offers a reliable and fool proof platform for academic qualification confirmation thus it offers organisations an easily accessible and cost effective process for employee credential verification. With data provided directly by the institutions and or professional bodies, users can be at rest on the authenticity of information provided.



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