Chams plc, developed a pension solution call “I AM ALIVE” automation pension solution  which has solved both challenges of pensioners verification and corruption in the sector

a systematic & holistic framework using biometric technology to checkmate the identified needs of pensioners especially as regards identification, enumeration,  remuneration and  verification.

“I AM ALIVE” automated pension solution provides ease of enumerating pensioners either in their homes if they are old, at the hospital if they are on sick bed, in the diaspora if they are outside the country or finally at their respective local government area secretariat if they are agile enough  within a specify period.

“I AM ALIVE” automated pension solution recognises the vulnerability of pensioners and the fact that they must of necessity be treated with respect and dignity. It comes in either hand held or stand alone kiosks. It also has a mobile version for people in diaspora registration and verification.

Pensioners are required to register their biometrics (finger prints or Iris) ones after their retirement while


verification exercise will be done twice in a year at an interval of 5 to 6 months throughout their life time.

Pensioners are required to visit their respective local government secretariat at their convenience within the 6 months period to verify themselves.

For very aged or on sick bed, it will be required of their respective desk officers to visit and conduct the verification within the stipulated period.

For those outside the country, they will be required to download an android mobile app with the associated devices for their enrolment and verification. Theirs, is always done through their iris (movement of their iris in front of camera)

All verification terminals will be internet enabled for the transmission of records either real time or in batch to the remote cloud server.

Report of verification is generated by the pension administrator for monthly pension processing and payment.

In some cases “I AM ALIVE” automated pension solution is integrated directly with an existing  pension payroll system for the purpose of payment processing.

This could either be Chams pension payment solution or any third party application.

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