Pensions as a form of social security against old-age poverty and other uncertainties have attracted great interest virtually everywhere in the world, both in developed and developing countries. In recent times, Pension programs, especially those that are publicly financed and administered, have become an issue of concern to economists, policymakers, and the general public. Pension payments are essential to the well-being of pensioners and the elderly, but unfortunately, the public and private pension administrators additionally remit pension funds to the dead. Although in recent times, some Pension Administrators have adopted the traditional means of identifying Pensioners, which comes with a lot of stress to the aged, less efficient, and also time-consuming.

In view of this, CHAMS PLC has reviewed this process and developed a mobile biometrics solution called “I’m Alive” that allows pensioners to independently verify themselves by checking pensioner’s liveness. The Mobile solution seeks to close the verification gap between the Pensioners and Pension Administrators.

The I’m Alive pensioner verification solution allows pensioners to independently verify themselves from the comfort of their homes using a facial biometric mobile app, which facilitates quick and easy verification for pensioners and provides pension administrators with an intelligent report to facilitate pension payment. This solution solves a major process-intensive hurdle for the Pension Industry.

The app and pensioner are not linked to a particular phone number or mobile handset. Any smartphone with functionality that aides selfie alignment and lighting quality can be used, ensuring a higher success rate for pensioners using the app.

In some cases “I AM ALIVE” automated pension solution is integrated directly with an existing pension payroll system for the purpose of payment processing. This could either be Chams pension payment solution or any third-party application.

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