Chams Plc has recorded another major success with the 2013 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)elections. Since 2011, ICAN changed from paper based elections to online voting platform designed, developed and powered by Chams PLC to ensure aggregation and participation of more members of the institute in elections and also to ensure seamless electoral process.

According to former ICAN president, Retired Major-General Sebastian Owuama, the institute blazed the trail in democratic governance when it conducted its 2011 elections to council through electronic voting. “We commend this novel election process to the larger Nigerian Society, especially for the benefit of Nigerians in Diasporas who may wish to vote in the 2015 general elections. We are prepared to share our experiences in this regard with the Prof Jega-led Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),” he said.

 The 2013 elections was officially declared open (for evoting to commence ) by the 48th ICAN President, Mr Adedoyin Idowu Owolabi (FCA), Chief (Mrs.) E.O. Adegite (FCA) Chairman, Scrutineers Committee on the 16th of May 2013 during the 2nd African Congress of Accountants (ACOA) in Ghana. The details of contestants which included their profile, photo, elective position, manifesto and list of eligible members certified to vote were uploaded to the evoting portal database ahead of the elections commencement.

At the click of the start voting button, by Owolabi,  all eligible voters received their e-voting details – username, password and a message instructing them to start casting their votes, from Chams’ e-voting platform ( through SMS and email.

Out of 10,000 eligible ICAN members registered online,  5,938 casted votes  in favor of their preferred choice of the 9 candidates vying for one position or the order whilst 3,149 were recorded as uncasted vote.  

At the end of the voting exercise, the Scrutineers Committee were  happy and satisfied with the accuracy of the result and the set of reports generated by the trusted  Chams’ Evoting platform for the 3rd year running.