Members are the reason for the existence of so many organizations, so getting and keeping them truly engaged in the organization is critical to its survival. At Chams PLC, we believe that Member Engagement (ME) should be about more than just connecting via social media. That is why we offer a platform to enable you know your members, reach out to them, and get them involved.

Our Membership portal is a robust, user‐friendly and highly functional interactive systemthat is flexible enough to take all the requirements of a medium to large size organization

Why Would an Organization Need a Membership Portal?

  • Increase in Member Engagement which will undoubtedly lead to increase in
  • Membership retention which will invariably lead to more revenue for the Association
  • Secured Online Payments and Readily Available Error‐free Revenue Portal
  • Events and Activity Management



  • Provide Unique identification for each member of the association
  • Provide Easy administration of members engagement process
  • Online real time outreach to members through a central platform
  • Automate processes and eliminate manual and error‐prone inputs
  • Allow members to create and manage their own member profiles and can
  • effectively engage in association’s activities
  • Advanced analytics and reports to make effective management decisions


Some of the Elective features organizations have requested for include but are not limited to:

  1. Accounts Module
  2. Certificate Generation Module
  3. Events and Training Module
  4. Fellowship tracking Module


Easily verify Members

  • Unique identification number
  • Know exact number of members
  • Know membership demographics
  • Planning & forecasting made easy

Increase Membership Commitment & Engagement

  • Members can use social Media to spread the Association’s activities
  • Set up pop‐up alerts to display key information. Be notified of birthdays, special events or requests, or anything else you may need a reminder or alert for.

Get a 360Degree View of Each Member

  • Allows membership, groups, payments and other information to sit on one system.

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Helps you manage the entire membership process more easily. With your number of members,you need flexible options and automatic enforcements.

Create Convenience

  • Members can interact and stay in touch anywhere they are with the Mobile App.


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