Mobile telephone subscribers with more than one GSM and CDMA phone lines in Lagos State can now register their Subscribers Identity Module (SIM) Cards, at a single registration point within the next six months, courtesy of the strategic partnership between Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Chams Plc. This is against the backdrop of the flag-off the much anticipated NCC driven SIM card registration on Monday, March 28, 2011.

Chams Plc, the leading indigenous identity management and e-payment systems company, is the private sector solutions provider partner engaged by the NCC to deliver SIM card registration solution that covers all mobile phone operators in Lagos State, including CDMA and fixed lines. The company has the mandate to capture detailed subscriber profiles and data in a manner that facilitates its seamless integration into the existing National Identity Database.

Demola Aladekomo, Managing Director, Chams Plc said the bespoke registration process, which allows registration of SIM from different mobile operators, CDMAs and fixed lines at once by a subscriber, is customer friendly and convenient provided individuals present the required information. “All existing phone subscribers will be required to provide details including, name, date of birth, phone number, thumb prints, SIM Identity Card (ID) and a valid identity card.

“We are up to the challenge of registering mobile phone subscribers cutting across all the GSM, CDMA and fixed line networks in Lagos, which is the largest market in the country. As an ISO Certified Company, we have deployed well-trained personnel and quality hardware supported by cutting edge processes put in place to enable us deliver on deadline, to ensure that the objectives of SIM card registration exercise such as curbing of mobile phone related crimes are achieved.”

On his part, Dr Eugene Juwah, Executive Vice Chairman, NCC, reiterated, “the SIM registration process is a major phase in the development of the telecoms industry and we are taking the exercise with all seriousness. I therefore urge selected contractors to execute the contract with dispatch.”

He also has appealed to subscribers to get registered or risk being taken off any of the mobile networks after six months.

Justifying the reason for the new round of regulator-led registration, Juwah added that mobile phone operators had since last year started SIM card registration but had only been able to register about 12 million subscribers. Which is why the NCC is driving the next phase of the registration expected to last six months and would generate a national database of the remaining SIM cards estimated to be over 72 million subscribers.

According to him, unregistered SIM cards would be blocked after the mandatory period of registration. In order to avoid the frustrations of blocked SIM cards, NCC advised subscribers to insist on being registered at the point of purchase or the nearest designated registration point of the NCC private sector solutions provider scattered across the country.