Education is the bedrock of the society. To make our community great, we must start by ensuring a solid foundation for the young population and imbue in them the right values. Chams PLC recognises the impact of education on the society and is not leaving the tasks to the government or the teachers alone, hence the reason it’s instituted the Chams employee volunteering scheme, a partnership with Volunteer Corp.

(Volunteer Corp is a not for profit establishment committed to delivering educational and social service support to pupils in public secondary school).

Chams PLC supports its who take time to volunteer and create an enable environment to become more involved in the Volunteer Corp activities during their normal working hours or on their own time. The Chams Employee volunteer scheme is also considered as a critical personal development tool for employees, by providing them the opportunity to impact their society and make worthwhile difference to the community.

Our Support

This realization led to instituting the Chams Employee Volunteer Scheme in partnership with Volunteer Corps; a non-profit establishment committed to delivering educational and social service support to schools to pupils in public secondary schools.

The employees volunteer up to 16 hours of their time to provide either of the following;

Free tutorial sessions in English language and Mathematics for pupils to help them understand better what they have been taught in school
Coaching, mentoring and discussion of practical real life social issues that students may face outside academics
Partnership with other corporate organizations to complement government’s effort in public schools such as provision of books for libraries, toilets and general infrastructure
Teaching the pupils basic computer appreciation courses such as Microsoft office etc.
Providing professional support services to the Volunteer Corp administrative office such staff training, record keeping etc.