“Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria YouWIN” was lauched by the GEJ government in 2011 and  is designed to help identify young Nigerian entrepreneurs with bankable businesses or business ideas. The programme was designed to produce 1,200 winners per cycle, these winners are then given sizable grants (some up to N10 million) by the federal government to enable them either strengthen or set up their own businesses. These businesses, it is hoped, would help bring down the numbers of Nigeria’s unemployed while also ensuring that Nigerian businesses apply world class standards to their operations.

Knowing the role of proper identification in this scheme, Chams plc was engaged by the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) of the Pan African University to carry out biometric enrolment for the 6000 shortlisted applicants and to deploy a biometric database and verification solution to EDC for the purpose of identifying and authenticating successful applicants at the point of fund disbursement to prevent impersonation and duplication.

YouWin project is an initiative of the Federal government carried out annually to empower women with good business ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. The biometric capture exercise which cut across the 6-geo political zones of Nigeria was conducted in 18 locations/cities between January to April 2013 and recorded huge success. Of the 1,200 finalists that will be selected, 300 entrepreneurs will be selected based on merit, each Geo-political zone (6 zones) is guaranteed 150 slots