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Innovative Digital Solutions Provider. Our company has built secure platforms to drive transactions and verification services for public/private sector initiatives and businesses. Learn more

Introducing Chams

We build adaptable digital platforms.

Chams has evolved from a computer and hardware maintenance company to providing enterprise technology solutions in the identity management and transaction payments space to public and private sector institutions.

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Chams Solutions

We build robust, secure and adaptable platforms to drive identity management, transactions and verification services for public/private businesses.

Award winning I.CT Company

Guinness World Record Holder

5x ICT Company of the Year

ICT Brand of the Year

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Specially Made Solutions

Our solutions are uniquely crafted and easy to use and customizable to meet our clients need.

Robust Solutions

Our solutions are enterprise-ready, tested and trusted by our clients over the years.

Safe & Secure

We deploy the best encryption services to keep our solutions safe and secure.

Easy to Use

We make sure users have the best experience while interacting with our products.

Unique Investment Opportunity in the Tech Industry.

Together with The Board and Management, we developed and implemented a new Unicorn Vision, to reinvent the Chams Group and open up new frontiers in terms of innovation through consumer-focused digital solutions.

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